Argon intends to be a service group leader in permanent development, both national and internationally, through an appropria¬te business diversification. Committed to society and sustainable development, Argon is distinguished by the quality and excellence of its services and promotes the chances of personal and professio¬nal improvement of its workers, in a permanent way, always bearing in mind its social commitment.


Argon has always been driven by values that show who we are and that guide our professional and personal behaviour, both individually and collectively. Our interest in people, our ethical behaviour and teamwork are some examples of these values.


At Argon, action plans are elaborated, collective and individual objectives are settled and decisions are made according to the impact of their implementation, in order to ensure that commitments are fulfilled.
- Economically, to maximize the profitability of the company, making the business lucrative.
- Socially, to satisfy the needs and interests of its employees, so as to maintain a good level of motivation and collaboration.
- In terms of services, to attend to the constant demands of market, to make a careful selection of products to market and to provide its clients with good business opportunities.

In the long run, Argon will fix its efforts in the search of new projects, in the analysis of new areas to be explored and in the research of all innovative products.